jboogie724 (jboogie724) wrote in anastaystrong,


So I went home for lunch today from work, and what was sitting there waiting for me, but a f*#%ing cheese quesadilla.  I appreciate that my mother likes to cook for me, but honestly, she has eyes, she can see that I'm fat, what the hell is she trying to do!?!?  She sees me going to the gym everyday, she knows that I'm trying to be skinny, and yet she makes cheese quesadillas.  She sat there, and watched me eat them too!  I'm really trying not to purge anymore because it's become too much of a habit, but when I have to sit there and basically eat fried cheese, I have no other choice!  I'm just having a really bad day.  I'm fat and disgusting and wish I could just be skinny already.  I'm trying so hard and the weight is just not coming off fast enough!

Sorry for the long post, I just needed to vent.  It makes me feel better...sort of.

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